Have you ever gone for a picnic on a camping weekend, walked for miles without getting any place that you can rest your feet and take a cold drink? You don’t know what it means to be frustrated if you have never gone for a hike, walked for miles and ages and just when you want to sit down and take a cold drink so that you can get back on your activity, you realize that you don’t have any place to sit comfortably or any drink to calm your nerves. Well, here is the good news for all outdoor lovers.

The Coleman oversized quad chair with cooler is the most portable, light weight and quite convenient chair that will change your camping picnic experience. The Coleman chair has a cooler built on the armrest that can hold up to four drinks. The cooler is fairly accessible while sitting on the chair after a long walk without having to stand and lean to get it.

The seat has been built in such a comforting manner. It provides a mode of relaxation, once you are seated on the chair, healing and resting begins, you can almost take a short nap while seated in the wild. The ice cold drink can do wonders after walking in the sun for the whole day while in the jungle, a place where you don’t have an access to shops or malls, the Coleman oversized chair would mean a world out there.

The seat has been fully cushioned, making sure that your coziness is at an optimal level. Your back is completely taken care of, there is no risk backbone damage after a long day of activities. It’s the safest chair not mentioning how portable the seat can be, quite easy to tag along on journey. The chair can effortlessly be folded and simply fit in a travelling bag, it is that convenient.

Highlighted features and benefits.

  • Self-serving. The chair not only brings with it a lot of comfort, it also comes with a cooler that can store cold drinks to serve as beverages in the hour of need. You also don’t have to wake up from the chair since you are completely tired after taking a very long hike, the cooler is accessible on the arm while still sitting on the Coleman quad chair.
  • Cooler. The cooler can do some wonders in a very sunny day while out there in the wild. The Coleman chair has a cooler that can hold up to four cans. You can share your favorite beverage with your partner.
  • Comfort. The Coleman quad chair is a fully cushioned seat with a sense of relaxation and comfort that consoles a tied body. It provides support for the exhausted back, leaving a touch of stability for the backbone and prevents damaging of the back from improper posture. Having gone through a tough day of outdoor activities, the Coleman quad chair is the perfect resting place for a fatigued body.
  • Portable. The Coleman quad chair is completely handy and collapsible, you can easily fold it and fit it in a travelling bag. The foldable chair doesn’t take a lot of space. It is fairly easy to store and transport to the camping site or the picnic site of choice. It is the perfect outdoor camping tool.
  • Mesh holder. The Coleman chair has a small mesh flap that can hold your cell phone. Attached to the mesh is another mesh flap that can hold books, magazines, a laptop and other accessories such that you don’t have to wake up to go looking for anything, you can have it all in one place.

The Coleman oversized chair is perfect for people with big bodies, especially for old couples. The seat can withstand a lot of weight without risking breaking down. The seat is quite durable, it can take years before it starts developing any problems. For an individual who likes carrying a water bottler around, the seat has a mesh that can store a water bottle as you relax your exhausted nerves. The Coleman chair can also be used in a home setting, if you like feeling the fresh air outside your house, this is the ideal chair to tag along.

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