One of the ways of creating a good memorable atmosphere for family and friends while out camping is having a barbecue on the background as the children are playing around the campsite and everyone is having a good time.

You wouldn’t want to go for camping for a whole weekend without a plan of how you are going to roast some delicacy.

Bringing a grill can be cumbersome, given that you are going camping, so you need a portable less cumbersome grill that can come in to change the mood of the entire campsite. That’s what the Coleman road trip portable grill brings to the table. With this ultra-modern portable grill, your camping experience will never be the same again. The grill changes everything about the camping outlook. It brings more life into the place. Even in some cases when the cold is reigning over the night, the grill brings in some warmth.

While out for camping, become the grill master with the Coleman portable grill LXE which is fairly easy to set up and tote. The grill is foldable, it can easily fit in the trunk a normal small car. The Coleman grill comes with equipped resilient cast iron grilling exteriors.

Another important factor to consider when cooking while out in the wild camping is the source of the roasting fire, the Coleman grill has a propane powered cylinder that can cook for hours. In case you forget to bring a match box to the camp, you don’t have to use stones to fire up the grill. The Coleman portable grill has a matchless lighting system that ignites at the push of a button. Once you are in the wild, that’s the moment that you will begin to appreciate some of the things that you often take for granted back at home.

Highlighted features and benefits.

  • Collapsible design – For an individual who likes to hit the road, you need luggage that is portable, easily transferable from one place to another and that is exactly what you get with the Coleman portable grill LXE. The grill can easily be folded into a smaller size that can fit in the trunk of a vehicle. You don’t have to cope with the traditional humongous grill.
  • Auto ignition – With the Coleman portable grill, you don’t have to bring along a match box or lighter while going out for camping with your family. The ultra-modern grill has an instastart ignite button that works quite efficiently.
  • Propane grill – When you tag along the Coleman portable grill when going for camping, you don’t have to go and start cutting trees to get firewood to cook, this is a propane powered grill that cooks for hours and provides enough warmth in the cold camping woods. The grill conveys up to 20,000 BTU of heat on the small grilling surface, hence there is enough heat to cook or roast anything that you have planned for your loved ones.
  • Interchangeable swap top – When you need to switch the grill grates out for barbeque and stove grates, the Coleman portable grill comes with a swappable top. This is the ideal grill for camping, picnics and even home parties.
  • Reliable – The cooking and barbequing services offered by the grill are top notch. The grill is easy to clean and you can take it anywhere with you as it is fairly light weight.

Camping and going out for picnics is where families and friends go to catch up and bond, regain all the time not spent together while in school or at work. This is a place where you get to teach your children new skills in life and get to know them better. The Coleman road trip portable grill has been designed with all of that in mind. It is a grill that is meant to bring some family warmth and unity while out in the wild. The grill also provides a platform where loved ones can enjoy delicacies while out camping in the wild.


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