The Original Ultra Bright High Lumen Output LED Mini Tactical Flashlight.

Are you an outdoor individual looking to take the camping experience to the next level? Are you looking for that flashlight that can last more than one weekend of outdoor camping? The J5 Tactical V1 pro flashlight has brought a revolution in the camping world, given that it can light up two football pitches for a whole night, the lighting modes can be changed so that you can use the flashlight on your bicycle while camping.

The last thing that you want to do is to go camping or any outdoor sporting activity in the wild without bringing with you a flashlight that can provide enough light for the night. You can bring in any other flashlight but with the J5 Tactical V1 pro flashlight, you will be in charge of the wild.

This flashlight is also appropriate for military use. It has been used in Afghanistan and to light up nights of darkness by military officers.

J5 Tactical V1-pro flashlight is the bestselling product in the J5 Tactical family. The flashlight has an ultra-bright LED light and has the capability to run continuously for more hours.


Highlighted features and benefits.

  • Indestructible and water resistant – The flashlight can survive a fall of 9 foot on the ground and still remain intact. So it’s completely appropriate for sporting and rigorous outdoor activities. The gadget works pretty well even after submerging it in the water, so in case you go camping and it starts to rain cats and dogs, you will be completely covered. Some individuals have even tried to put the flashlight in a deep freezer and its condition still remained intact. Participating in outdoor activities in cold places can be made convenient through the use of the J5 Tactical V1-pro flashlight.
  • Three modes of use and focus adjustable – The flashlight has three useful setting modes. It has the strobe, low and high modes of use. It has a wide to narrow light zoom. The J5 Tactical V1-pro flashlight is quite appropriate for different outdoor activities based on the various modes of use. The flashlight can be used to walk the dog in the park, it can be used while hunting, and it’s a great gadget for camping and fishing in the deep night. The flashlight is compressible enough to fit in your pocket or small bag.
  • Long lasting and extra bright – The flashlight is ten times brighter than an ancient incandescent bulb. The gadget has the capability of lighting up an object that is 600 feet away. It can provide enough light for a whole room. The device uses a long-lasting AA battery that runs up to hours, the battery can also be conveniently replaced.
  • Expectations are met -The flashlight meets the consumer needs and goes a long way to make sure that full satisfaction is attained. If the buyer has any complaints about the J5 Tactical V1-pro flashlight, then there will be immediate refund. The flashlight has a guaranteed one year warranty.
  • Convenient – You can keep one in your kitchen, one in your garage or even in the car. If you like walking in the park at night or while camping, it’s a great gadget to tag along, and in case of an attack, using the strobe mode, you can disorient the enemy in good time. The flashlight has been great with rescue workers who have used it in liberation missions. The device never disappoints, it can run a whole night of activities. The flashlight has a very small weight, you can carry it along without feeling the pain. Another fantastic fact about this flashlight is that it uses a single AA battery that runs for hours.

If you are planning to go camping and spend the night there, or even getting a gift for your friend who likes taking part in open-air activities, then the J5 Tactical V1-pro flashlight is the best choice compared to other flashlights. Purchase the devices with optimum confidence putting in mind that the product has a one year warranty.

The fact that the flashlight cannot be easily broken and it can survive a few hours in the water, makes sure that you will spend your money on a durable product. All of this facts have been tested in the field.


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