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If you’re a family of Sun-seekers looking for an early 2018 Easter break there are plenty of places a short flight away in Europe, some destinations are recommend here by Family Traveller.

If you’re planning to take an early beach holiday in 2018 make sure you are well prepared with the right gear for being outside in the Sun, Sand and Sea.

Stay hydrated

Health professionals recommend drinking around 2 litres of water per day, sometimes more in hotter conditions. Having a container such as a water bottle is an important part of your beach gear list

Pack your lunch

If you’re spending most of the day at the beach, it can be

Remember to take your rubbish home with you or dispose of it correctly.

Be comfortable

If you’re spending a few hours selectedbest.info have a review of the best beach chairs

Dry quickly

Microfibre towel

Avoid sunburn

Skin care professionals recommend a High factor suncream especially in areas where the UV rating is higher than normal.

Aftersun such as those with a 100% pure aloe vera content will help soothe and redness and may even improve your suntan.

Secure your valuables

Keep your valuables such as phones, iPods, money and car keys safe from getting lost or stolen.


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Fred Harrington · 04/01/2018 at 9:10 am

Factor 50 sun cream and my wallet is what I usually take! Oh and some clothes!

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