Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress with Comfort Coil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

Have you ever gone for a camping weekend, had fun throughout the day, but when night came, you find yourself wondering how you will sleep on the floor for the rest of the camping days. Lack of a good night sleep can keep you feeling exhausted for the rest of the weekend and ruin your camping experience. However, with the introduction of the sound asleep sequence air mattress, you need to say goodbye to what you actually know about camping night out and say hello to the ultra-modern air mattress that has revolutionized the camping experience through unimaginable comfort and cosiness that comes along with its use.

Sound asleep series mattress is by far the most advanced air mattress in the market right now. Given the fact that it has an internal pump, unlike many other modern air mattresses that requires an electric pump while it’s quite hard to get electricity in the wilderness. The air mattress can be adjusted in terms of firmness, according to the user’s comfort. The air bed is also very durable, it has been made with puncture resistant material that prevents it from damage from minor objects.

For an individual who is going camping, the sound asleep dream sequence air mattress is quite portable and easy to transport. The mattress comes with a nylon bag that is fairly tough and hence helps store the mattress in good condition. The bed also inflates quite fast, it takes about four minutes and it is pretty effortless. The air mattress does not allow sagging as most of the modern air matrasses do.

Highlighted features and benefits.

  • Comfort coil technology. This is the leading innovator in the air mattress industry. The bed has a design with 40 internal air coils for added resilience and support. When it comes to comfort, you will never get more contented, the sound asleep dream air mattress provides cosiness and relaxation of nerves. Sound sleep is guaranteed to make sure that you will be ready for the next day full of camping activities.
  • Patented internal pump. The sound asleep series mattress has a one-click patented internal pump that inflates the airbed within four minutes. This is a feature that you will never get in other air mattresses. They have to be pumped using an electric or manual pump which is not convenient for a person in the wild camping. The mattress can also be used at home and also perfect for guests.
  • Thickness. The air mattress is extra thick, water resistant and flocked up for more comfort and also durable with its multilayers. The mattress can go for years without any trace of damage. When it comes to its compactness, the air mattress is easily transferable from one place to another. It is perfect for camping night out.
  • Size and height. The queen size provides the experience of the traditional mattress. The height is convenient for an outdoor activity, it is not too low. The size is appropriate for both single people and couples, you can get lost in the airbed to a point where you forget that you are in the jungle.
  • Sure-grip bottom. The sound asleep dream air mattress has a patented sure grip technology that helps avert unwanted slides of the bed. It offers a suction grip on both level and hard surfaces that are prone to air mattress movement while using. This feature is ideal for night camping, you wouldn’t want to sleep in a tent only to find yourself outside after the airbed slid out. The grip is appropriate for outside surfaces where you may choose to put your tent.

The next time you are planning to go camping, make sure that the sound asleep air mattress tags along and your camping experience will never be the same again. You won’t end your camping activities to go back home because of exhaustion, you might even extend your stay. With its assured durability and a one year guarantee, it’s a product that you can purchase with confidence that it is going to last for ages and the mattress quality is one of a kind.

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