When going for camping in very remote forests, going for hiking in rainforests that are vast in area.

There is a very big chance that one of your loved ones might get detached from the group and get lost in the wild.

What would you do after taking your lovely family and friends out for camping and then when you are having fun, you realize that one member has lost the way and has been separated from the group, you realize that one of your loved ones, probably a kid or an elderly person is out in the wild wondering trying to locate his or her particular family.

That would mean the end of the fun and camping activity for you, as you try to locate the lost colleague, probably trying to call the police and rescue team to come and assist your family with the problem that has just risen.

When going out for camping, you should know that you are getting your loved ones from their comfort zone, from their home set.

So you should be able to truck their every single move. Planning is key to a successful camping experience. With the invention of the Spy Tec STI mini portable GPS tracker, your camping plan will be enhanced.

With the Spy Tec GPS tracker, you won’t be left to guess where your loved ones might be while you are out camping, you will be in control of the whole camp site. Knowing their every single move.

With the Spy Tec tracker, you can demarcate the geographical area where the family members should not cross while in the campsite.

This is especially crucial for children, they can easily go further than they should.


With geofencing, you will be notified when someone leaves the demarcated area within the camp site, and with you Google maps you will be able to truck them as they wonder about in the wild.

The tracker is very handy, it can possibly fit anywhere, and you can put it in the bag, in the car, in the pockets of the members.

Highlighted features and benefits.

  • Google map track. Once a member gets out of the boundaries that you have set, you are able to find them using the Google maps in good time. Elderly people and children in most cases have the tendency to lose track of everyone.
  • Fast notification. The moment a person leaves an area, you will get a notification through your email so that you can act fast. You can either use your phone or laptop to trace the individual that has gone out of the geofence that you have set.
  • Compact. The tracker is quite small in size. This means that you can fix it anywhere even without the person noticing, you can put it in the bag of your kid, on the belt of an elderly person, on the sole of the shoe of your spouse. However in most camping situations, it is better that you agree with everyone before you go for camping that each family member should have the tracker in their pockets for the safety of the group. As a matter of fact, it should be a precondition for anyone who would like to tag along for the hike or camping.
  • Disaster preparedness. In case of a fire, an attack by a wild animal especially since you are out camping in the wild. People are likely to disperse, the Spy Tec GPS tracker may come in handy. It is a gadget that helps bring unity within a group while out camping or even in a home situation.
  • Great offer. There is no contract, no activation or cancelation fees. You just have to pay $25 in every month to keep your loved ones closer to you. The tracker offers geofencing services where you will get a text message, an email or just a notification when your loved ones leaves a certain jurisdiction.

The next time you take your friends and family out for camping, you need to be in more control of their whereabouts. You don’t need to restrain their fun by making them stay in one stationary dwelling. Let them roam around having a time of their life knowing with confidence that at the back of your mind you have the Spy Tec GPS tracker.

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