Have you ever gone for camping in a very remote place, a surrounding where you don’t actually trust the safety of the water around the dwelling?

Clean water to some degree is something that most people don’t take seriously until they find themselves in a hospital due to contaminations.

You wouldn’t last two days in the wild camping without clean drinking water, you will find yourself packing your belongings to go back home.

In most of the places where families go for camping, the water that is available is the water in the rivers, lakes or dams.

This is water that is not completely pure for your loved ones to consume. However, with the introduction of the Sawyer products mini water filtration system, all your camping water troubles have come to an end.

This is a tiny filter that does the job of filtering, cleansing, purifying, sanctifying the drinking water from all kinds of bacteria and any other infection that may be in the water.

When going for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities in other countries, you are likely not going to trust the sanitation of the water that you will be given.

With the Sawyer mini water filter, you need to trust and believe that the water you are taking is pure water that has no risk of contamination. However, you shouldn’t take contaminated water because you have the filter.

The sawyer filtration system removes more bacteria than any other filtration system. In case you are out camping in cholera hit areas, you are out of the risk of contracting the infection. After you fetch your water, you need to attach the mini-filter to the drinking pouch. Use the straw that has been included to drink directly from the water source.

Highlighted features and benefits.

  • Camping gear. If you are that individual who loves scouting, camping, hiking and international travel, then you need to make sure that you tag along with the Sawyer mini water filter. It is also crucial to use the filter as an emergency preparedness technique. While taking your family and friends for camping, you must make sure that they will be back safe and sound through clean and sanctified drinking water.
  • Portability. The size of the sawyer mini filter can easily fit on the palm of your hand. It is a high-performance filter that can fit in the travelling bag. It is ideal for camping. Going for activities such as hiking and camping necessitates that one brings along items that are lightweight.
  • Efficiency. The Sawyer mini filter can sieve up to 100,000 gallons of water. It comes with a drinking plunger, drinking straws and a pouch squeeze. It is quite durable and can last years of camping in the wild.
  • Sanctification and cleaning. The filter removes all types of bacteria. This includes bacteria such as cholera, salmonella, E. coli among others. The sieve also removes all kinds of protozoa. These include cryptosporidium and giardia. So when going for camping, your friends and family will be completely safe from all these types of infection which are commonly infected through unclean water.
  • Complete package. The Sawyer mini filter comes with a standard disposable water bottle, drinking porch, hydration packs and straws that aid when drinking directly from the water source. Drinking from the source means that in case you are out hiking and pass by a lake or river, you can sip directly using the straw from the flowing river or the lake.
  • Emergency precaution. Taking of unclean water can lead to high health risks that are preventable through the use of the sawyer mini filter. Even for military purposes, people who travel to all corners of the world where getting cleaning drinking water may be tough, tagging along this perfect filter can mean a world in the time of need.

To sum it all up, sawyer mini filtration system has been tested in the laboratory and has proved to filter all kinds of contaminations that can bring you to your knees. So the next time that you are planning to go camping with your friends and family, make sure that the water that they are drinking has passed through the sawyer mini filter for a more satisfying camping experience for you and your loved ones.


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